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DD cubeX²® ML – Super translucent (Multilayer) multilayer – cubic zirconia system

Based on the “DD cubeX²® – cubic zirconia system®” the blanks offer a flowing color gradation from cervical to incisal. The manufacture of aesthetic monoliths has never been this efficient before. The lively chroma and an increase of translucency in the incisal third meet the highest demands of modern CAD materials.

  • individual color gradients – which would otherwise only be possible with the extensive color-brush technique
  • High color reliability – due to the Multi Additive Technology®
  • Resistant to wrapping during sintering – due to individual isostatic redensification of each blank




Veneer Reduced crownHybrid abutment Crown Inlay Onlay Bridge (3 Units) Anterior Tooth Posterior Tooth Reduce Bridge (3 Units)


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