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The SmileTRU Orthodontic Appliance is comprised of a series of clear positioners that are capable of moving a tooth up to .3mm and up to 2 degrees in angulation and/or torque. The space required to obtain the desired position of the teeth may be obtained by interproximal stripping (IPR), or by pre-treating the case with arch developing appliances such as the ALF appliance or the RN-Sagittal appliance.



Level 1 – Reset of Anterior Teeth Only
(6 trays per arch. Cosmetic alignment without disturbing the posterior occlusion)

Level 2 – Reset of Premolar to Premolar Only
(12 trays per arch)

Level 3 – Reset Full Maxillary and Mandibular Arch
(18 trays per arch)

Level 4 – PreTreatment Appliances (ex. ALF/RN Sagital) then Reset Full Maxillary and Mandibular Arch
(18 trays per arch)

The clinician has the option of requesting SmileTRU to fabricate the positioners on a three month basis, or to fabricate the entire set of positioners required to completely treat the case. The three month option allows the clinician to assess the progress of the treatment. If “In Treatment Adjustments” are required, they can be easily made by taking new impressions saving both the clinician and the patient time and money.

If the three month fabrication option is selected, SmileTRU will automatically construct the next three months of clear positioners unless the clinician contacts the laboratory requesting an “In Treatment Adjustment”. If an “In Treatment Adjustment” is required the patient should continue to wear the last set of correctly fitting positioners as retainers. This same technique can be employed if the clinician wishes to use additional positioners for final “Aesthetic Detailing”.

Most cases are treated by changing the clear positioners every 14 days. SmileTRU will provide the clinician with the approximate number of clear positioners required to treat the individual case.




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