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Multilayer – high strength cubic zirconia

  Based on the „DD cube ONE® – high strength cubic zirconia system“ the blanks offer a flowing color gradation from cervical to incisal. The manufacture of aesthetic monoliths has never been this efficient before. The lively chroma and an increase of translucency in the incisal third meet the highest demands of modern CAD materials.

  • Perfect Translucency – Less greying and Better masking
  • Break protection Factor – Maximum fracture toughness
  • Phase toughening effect – makes it unique in the group of cubic zirconias
  • Indicated for all tooth positions and bridgework up to 14 units


Physical specifications

Characteristic Unit Value
Density (after sintering) [g/cm³] > 6,0
CTE (25 – 500°C) [10⁻⁶ K⁻¹] ~ 10,5
Fracture toughness (SEVNB) [MPa√m] ~ 10
Flexural strength [MPa] > 1250
E-Modulus [GPa] > 210



Veneer Inlay OnlayReduced crownFull contour crown anterior tooth Full contour crown Posterior ToothHybrid abutment Crown  Full contour Bridge (3 Unit)  Full contour Bridge (>4 Units)Reduced Bridged (3 Units )Reduced Bridge (>4 Units)




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